What payment methods are supported?

At the moment, only PayPal is supported. If you dont have PayPal or whan any alternative payment method, please contact the support on to discuss details.

How do I publish my article?

Go to the "Publish" section, select the desired service by attaching the file containing the article. Then go to the shopping cart and pay for the service in a convenient way.

How will my book be published?

First, you will receive an Email notification immediately after placing your order, uploading a draft of your book, and the payment. The Editor will contact back with you within a few working days with the legal registration data of your book (ISBN registered for your book + the barcode corresponding the ISBN) as well as the first and back covers made for your book by our artist. You will be welcome to insert the ISBN and other registration data to your book according to our template and instruction. If necessary, you can clarify the current questions as well as the details of your interest such as the skilled typesetting of your book by our typesetter (for an additional fee). Then once we receive the final proofread of your book containing all the registration data, we add the book covers to the book then send the published book in electronic form to you (or, in the case of print copies ordered, to both you and our printing partner for printing). As a result of our work, you will get the published book in electronic form (or in both electronic and paper bound form.