About Us

Anderson Science Publishing is a UK's scientific publisher located at 71-75 Shelton Street, Covent Garden, London, WC2H 9JQ, United Kingdom. We publish scientific books in the wide field of natural science ranging from physics, mathematics and astronomy to applied natural sciences. Our mission is to provide a qualified service to the authors, who like to publish their books of science.

Our book publishing service includes:

1. We provide an ISBN (International Serial Book Number) to your book via a legal registration in the UK, so that your book becomes legally published in the UK (applies to any order).

2. We provide a barcode characteristic of the ISBN of your book, which means that your book becomes a legal product on the book selling market (applies to any order).

3. We provide a high skilled typesetting service to the authors who like to be free from typesetting troubles when preparing their books to publication (optionally, on additional request).

4. We provide an art service for book cover making. Our artists make professionally made covers to your books (applies to any order).

5. We provide a book printing service available for printing a small number of copies (print-on-demand option), even if just one copy ordered (optionally; this option is coming soon).

An important and unique option distinguishing Anderson Science Publishing from other publishers is that we do not require copyright transfer for the books we publish. The authors retain all their rights for the published books and can use the book content in the future as they feel reasonable. For example, the authors retain their rights to publish parts of their published book as articles in journals or somewhere else, to publish further updated versions with another publishers, etc.

The authors are welcome to send a PDF file of their book to us for viewing and further instructions by the Editor . Just select the Publish Option that you like to choose.

Two price options are available for the books published with us. These are:

1. Book publishing. In this case, ISBN registration + barcode + book cover are included in the basic price package. Book typesetting is an additionally paid option (feel free to contact the Editor).

2. Printing published books. This is an extension to the previous. Contact the Editor to specify the number of print copies of your book. The editor will calculate the invoice and contact back with you.